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WHO WE ARE:  We’re list brokers not list compilers.  There’s two reason why this is an advantage.

  1. We’re not “married” to any one compiler.  For the myriad requests we receive, we go to many different compilers because there’s not one company that does everything best.  There are many compilers that have a niche.  We find them for you.
  2. Prices.  The myth about “middle men” is we up the price.  Not true.  For what we buy at wholesale prices allows us to sell below retail of compilers.  Don’t cut out the Middle Man.  You need us!


MAILING LISTS, TELEMARKETING LISTS AND EMAIL LISTS: This is a huge industry and the information available makes for excellent business development leads. Here’s how it breaks down:

  1. Consumer Lists:  Consumers is just a word for people.  But what kind of people?  That’s for you to decide and us to find.  There are over 100 demographics to choose from helping you define your clientele precisely. If you’re selling baby bibs – make sure your target has a baby!
  2. Business Lists:  There’s a lot of demographics available for businesses as well but there’s even more businesses.  Almost every profession from every industry can be found and if you’re looking for the telephone number of the big boss, believe it or not, that’s available too.
  3. Homeowner/Mortgage Information:  Amongst the biggest industries in the nation, homeowner and mortgage information is very comprehensive and all verified. 
  4. Telemarketing lists are all scrubbed against the Do Not Call Registry to make sure you don’t get any numbers that might be barred from marketing purposes.  This is very important because non compliance with telemarketing lists can lead to heavy fines.


The NCOA, Opt-In Email Lists and the Do Not Call Registry

  1. Our email distribution lists are all “opt-in” which means that all emails come from people that have volunteered their email for marketing purposes.  This is also very important since, again, non compliant email lists can lead to heavy fines.
  2. The NCOA:  All our lists are scrubbed against the National Change of Address every 30 days or less.  This helps ensure we maximize the percentage of deliverable addresses.
  3. 100% Accountability Policy:  There’s not a list in the world without an error or two but we work hard to find the best list for you.  That’s why we offer a 100% accountability policy, which means we refund or resupply for every address that doesn’t deliver.


Human Beings

Lastly, we’d like to add that we want to work with you directly, meaning human being to human
being.  In the modern age we are overwhelmed with learning new technology.  Why should you learn
our system in order to do business with us?   When you go to a restaurant do you go in the back and
cook your meal?  No.  And no, you cannot get our leads online, because,  there’s a lot to know about
compiling a list, and, at Middle Man Leads, a real list expert will maximize the potential of your leads.
Business lead management is important and Middle Man is here to help.

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